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Monday, January 28, 2008

Selamat datang

Chances are, you're here because you're concerned about where this country is heading. Pissed, even.

You're not convinced about the feel-good messages that are being floated by the Malaysian government as the General Elections loom ahead. You wanted more integrity, but you were fed lies. You wanted well-conceived ideas executed, but you found cronies milking the country dry. And those pretty promises? Empty, as usual.

We can effect change. Yeah, us.

And it begins with who we vote as our MP. Simple as that.


What A Lulu said...

i thikn you have a very, very cool design.
any plans to make them to tee's?
there were some comments over at my blog requesting for it to be on tees.

Get-an-MP said...

coming soon...

Anonymous said...

What abt other states, johore,kuantan, kuala kerang, jelebu etc?
Also please note the latest promises by BN " N will promise u one of his balls, if u vote BN" go visit putra jaya, c how ur money being spent.

Anonymous said...

Why is the date Friday March 28 2008? Anything special on this day?

Get-an-MP said...

Anonymous Feb 5, 12:38pm
It'd be wonderful if other constituencies were to start similar movements. It's a citizen-drive thing initiated by the People's Parliament and open to all who want to take back this country. Any new initiative gets formed, we'll certainly give them a plug on this blog.

Anonymous Feb 7, 12:36am
Haha! Nothing cryptic about it. It was just a future date so that the welcome post would always be on top. And since most believe that by March 28, we'd be seeing a new govt oreddy, this seemed a safe enough date to use. Unless you know something we don' :)


Sorry for psoting this comment so late, but better late than never right. Congrates on starting this site. Will be visiting more often.
I'm a member of the PJS initiative.

Anonymous said...
Lembah Pantai: Holiday trips, cash for residents
Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Feb 21, 08 12:18pm

Kuala Lumpur PKR youth chief Md Zaman Md Tasi claimed that about 30 resident association chairpersons in the area have been offered generous ‘goodies’ by Shahrizat who is also women, family and community development minister.

He alleged that holiday packages to various destinations like South Korea, China and Indonesia have been offered.

"She claimed that her voters are loyal to her. Of course they are when you keep handing out goodies every time elections near," said Zaman.

Zaman claimed he found out about the matter through one resident association chairperson who was supposedly offered the trip but had refused to take it as the person felt it was unethical to do so.

shahrizat women ministry parliament sexist remark 180507 ponderHe informed Zaman that a staff from Shahrizat’s office in Bangsar Utama known only as ‘Ani’ had contacted him numerous times to offer him the trip.

No housing for squatters yet

Sri Pahang flats area in Bangsar Utama residents also told Malaysiakini that the Lembah Pantai MP has been handing out gift hampers and cash amounting to RM50-RM100.

Residents say the gift hampers and cash were meant for senior citizens and the physically challenged in the area.

"She would always come down here during the festive season and provide the residents with gifts, especially for senior citizens," said a senior citizen who declined to reveal her name.

lembah pantai parliamentary seat election results 110208Zaman felt that the poor residents in Lembah Pantai have hidden grouses but were afraid to voice their concerns against the BN government.

"Like the squatters in Pantai Dalam, they have been promised proper housing for so long by Shahrizat but untill now, no proper housing have been provided. They dare not say anything for fear that if they do so, they will be denied of their houses", he said.

Zaman also said that Shahrizat have brought development in the constituency only for the well-to-do and not the poor. He argued that the poor are only loyal to her because of her hand-outs.

The Lembah Pantai constituency is a Malay-majority area with 53.2 percent followed by Chinese 25.7 percent and Indian 20.1 percent.

Shahrizat has been the incumbent for the Lembah Pantai for three terms. She is expected to face Puteri Reformasi Nurul Izzah Anwar in the March 8 polls.

... said...

Ewalo and warmest greetings from the natives of Headshot.

I must say, that your copywriting skills are excellent, today when I saw the papers distributed everywhere on the vehicles.

Although to be honest, I could have voted for BN, because of the copywriting messages and slogans of the BN that are really, really good and cool.

But yours is really good. It really made people to emotionally question themselves. It also definitely drawn the reader's sympathy, which is that's why I'm here.

But I'm not voting for anyone. LOL.

LunaG @ Headshot @ 2008