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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Groan... quit the longkang shots, Madam MP

Story in The Star, Metro Central. Photo credit: The Star

Dear Chew Mei Fun,

Perhaps a refresher course is due. Role of MP101 can be found here, courtesy of Dr Azmi Sharom.

But if you want to hear it from our lips:
No, please do not spend any good time making sure our drains flow. It's NOT your job. We, the people, will hound MBPJ ourselves, thank you. We have bite. We will pound on the doors of our local councilors and make them account for poor maintenance.

Instead, we wanted you to matter in Parliament; to speak for us. We wanted action on the IPCMC. We wanted you to push for accountability in the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone. We wanted you to check on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's BN promise of an all-out war on corruption. These, and many other legislative issues, are what should be on your report card. Not the drains. Not the playgrounds. Believe us, we the members of GetAnMP-PJ Utara will grade you in the days to come; and fairly we promise.

And above all else we will ask this: Did you matter as a Member of Parliament?

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