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Friday, February 29, 2008

'... this soil which we call Malaysia today is in fact the birthplace of all our collective cultures'

Cyber-journalism is definitely it! Malaysia Votes, run by three former MSM journalists, carries this wonderful interview with Farish Noor. Jacqueline Ann Surin is having a ball of a time. Some stirring lines:

The keris was really the product of a global age when the people of Southeast Asia were globally connected to the cultures of India and China, and when we were the product of a shared Hindu-Buddhist-Muslim heritage, and therefore it is a hybrid object with many meanings.
Much, much more.

Farish, who also runs The Other Malaysia, will be speaking at the Central Market Annexe tomorrow (Saturday), 3pm on this topic. i personally enjoy such insights by solid academics and civil society groups more than any ceramah. It is through this where we are educated. And it is through education that we are free.

We only hope more will stand up. To quote the man again:
One can, and must, be objectively academic and publicly so at a time when history is being politicised. To sit quietly and do nothing: that is being passively partisan and even more dangerous.

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