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Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Choice

We, the GetanMP-PJ Utara, held back as long as we could. We felt Chew Mei Fun deserved a fair listening by the rakyat, and we wanted to provide that fair platform - we offered her a joint forum with her opponent Tony Pua. All this while we never took sides; even refrained from posting anything that skews the favour toward the DAP.

(Like linking Tony's ceramah in SS2 Monday night)
(Like Haris Ibrahim's rock star reception at the same ceramah)

All that changed Wednesday evening. Chew Mei Fun turned down our offer. How is it that a candidate who wishes to represent a constituency in Parliament refuses a forum organised by the very people she hopes to represent? Tak masuk akal.

This makes our choice a no-brainer. It is unequivocal. We, the GetanMP-PJ Utara initiative, wholeheartedly support Tony Pua as Member of Parliament for P106 Petaling Jaya Utara.

We also support his colleagues at the DUN level:

  • Edward Lee for N34 Bukit Gasing
  • Lau Weng San for N35 Kampung Tunku,
  • Dr Cheah Wing Yin for N36 Damansara Utama, and
All come under the DAP, which has endorsed the People's Declaration along with PKR, PAS, PSM, MDP, and Pasok. They are part of the civil society-driven Barisan Rakyat. And as a civil society movement, we shall help them get into the positions to help us.

As the campaign heads into the final week, GetanMP-PJ Utara will channel our resources to ensure this team wins. We'll have BN out of PJ, just you watch.

p.s. But one big request, Tony and gang: When you do eventually take your seats in Parliament and the Selangor State Assembly, we ask that you join us in lobbying for Chew Mei Fun's appointment to Local Councilor in MBPJ. All said, she has done a really fine job in that arena. For to quote Dr Azmi Sharom:
"Issues such as street lighting, land development, road condition, drainage etc are the responsibility of the Local Authority. They are not the responsibility of Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

appropriate assignment and i think she can take care of the longkangs and streetlights well. furthermore, she doesnt have to raise the 1969 memories to us voters. its best we condemn that year to the grave forever so that we will not be shackled by that teary memories and lets move forward. chew can remain and look after the drains and for that I extend my thanks.