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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Common Uncommon

You may have heard them at the ceramahs, shook hands at the morning market walkabout, read their manifestos. But why would anyone do this in the first place i.e. be an Opposition candidate? What is the controlled ember that keeps these people on the go in a field so formidably tilted in favour of the incumbent BN?

Starting today, we at the GetanMP-PJ Utara will be running a series of articles which profile the human beings behind the faces of the DAP Petaling team. Human beings with the resolve of a river, finding a way, always finding a way to reach that goal.

Stay tuned.

p.s. There are many good candidates under the Barisan Rakyat who need to have their story told, beyond the ceramahs, beyond the two-minute hand shake, certainly beyond the leaflets. If you profile them, we'll be happy to run your story in this space.

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