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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He just doesn't get it

The way his points are presented betrays the sorry mindset of AAB. There seems to be a serious decoupling from reality.

From Malaysiakini:

"We certainly lost the Internet war, the cyber-war," Abdullah said in a speech to an investment conference.

"It was a serious misjudgment. We made the biggest mistake in thinking that it was not important," he said.

"We thought that the newspapers, the print media, the television was supposed to be important, but the young people were looking at SMS and blogs."

Young people. Sigh, as if it was so easy. It seems only young people caused BN to lose the 5+1 states. Like, young people weren't a factor during the Reformasi years and 1999 GE. Like, if BN had used the internet better in their campaigns (remember they had already swamped Yahoo! and other search engines), this wouldn't have happened. The impressionable young people fell for the internet smut, while the older voters remained essentially loyal because they watched TV, and read the papers.

What a blur toad.

He forgot about the years and months before, he forgot about Bersih, he forgot about Hindraf, he forgot the prime-movers of the internet campaign were the grey and middle-aged Rakyat... RPK, Haris, Zorro, Chin Huat, Rocky, James Wong etc. Citizens all. And of course, a freer e-media in Malaysiakini.

The analysis is actually quite simple - it revolves around the key words "forgot" and "remember".

He forgot to do his job.

We - young and old - remembered.

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