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Friday, March 28, 2008

Same bad song, with more gusto

This has my antenna tingling, and i don't like the feel of it.

The NST reports:

ALOR STAR: Kedah's mega RM50 billion oil refinery and pipeline project has become even bigger - with the budget for it soaring to a staggering RM83 billion.

The RM33 billion increase is due to a decision to construct a man-made island for the proposed refinery and storage facilities. Originally, the refinery and storage facilities were to have been built on reclaimed padi fields...

...The project would also be built on its original site of Yan instead of Gurun as suggested by Azizan. Azizan said he agreed to bring the project back to Yan after listening to the counter proposals by the six investors.

"I know I had announced that the refineries would be shifted to Gurun, but after hearing their counter-proposals, I have agreed to bring it back to Yan district, specifically Sungai Limau," he told reporters after the meeting.

This is flip-flopping; exactly the same criticism we leveled on AAB.

Worse, the price tag has leaped by an astounding 66% of the original value. I'd imagine that the original RM50 billion was already bloated to enrich the cronies, and that we'd get to see a major price slash instead after renegotiations. I'd expected public disclosure of the budget, as any ethical govt ought to practice.

Instead we get this: the same BN-style decision-making process which keeps citizens in the dark. And for crying out loud, an increase in the budget. The same questions thrown at BN are now thrown at you, Azizan. Is this the best way to use the billions of ringgit? Have you opened the floodgates? Are you indebted to those six investors now, shackled by them?

You have some serious explaining to do.


yok hoong said...

whether is RM50 billion or RM100 billion, a figure which is definitely bloated to allow future leakages. As this a private sector initiative, the state or federal governmen must not spend a cent. instead, a stringent EIA must be done to ensure that the populace and environment does not have to suffer. In any event, I have serious doubt of its viability and the probability of the project taking off is extremely low unless there are unseen hands in the workings.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

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