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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Open Letter to The Star

Dear Editor,

We are very concerned and wary of the countless reckless and negligent reporting in your papers which could incite communal disharmony and civil unrest.

To be fair, you did publish such articles attributed to both the Barisan Nasional and the Opposition, but in this instance, we are obliged to refer to the article: PAS certain it can set up Islamic federal govt soon (The Sunday Star, March 16, 2008).

The fact is that no government can change Malaysia to be an Islamic state unless and until they can command 2/3 support in Parliament to amend the Constitution and support such a bill. So far, no single political party, except Barisan as a coalition of UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan and 10 other minority parties, have had the capacity to garner such support. PAS, even with the claimed additional 30 voices, will still not be able to command the majority needed if no other party supports them.

Besides, a bluff is also obvious in the claim that PAS needs only another 30 seats to seize control of the country. PAS secured 23 parliamentary seats out of 222, the least among the three major “opposition” (though we would rather them be referred to as “minority” henceforth) parties. This is a far cry from the minimum 148 seats needed for a 2/3 majority.

In reading the story closely, you appear to be grossly editorialising the news in your headline and intro. Nobody needs another reminder of the ruckus caused by DAP because of their reluctance to submit to PAS rule.

Besides the need to be truthful and honest, we believe that when you feel or you are compelled to publish any inflamatory or contradictory remarks, regardless of source, you must, in the same breathe, play down the hatred it may sow.

In the instance of the article referred to, you should have done your social obligation and national duty by appending the statements of fact such as the actual number of parliamentary seats PAS has and how such changes can come about.

You can also help to demolish the inordinate fear of Islamic influence by quoting, perhaps, example of Islamisation in the country such as in the banking and financial services sector and the halal food industry for Muslims, both of which have benefited non-Muslims tremendously.

We sincerely pray that if you must really publish any contradictory statement which may or is intended to discredit any party, you would first consider the potential injustice to the innocent majority.

We hope that you will realise that while the people have voiced their displeasure with the Barisan through the ballot box, they may likewise voice their disgust with irresponsible reporting through the newsstand. you would certainly appreciate the commercial value in words of wisdom and the folly otherwise.

GetAnMP-PJ Utara



GetAnMP-PJ Utara fully endorses The People's Parliament call to Boycott the Lying Newspapers. Sock it to them till they wake up to their responsibility. At RM15 a month, Malaysiakini is a far superior product.

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Anonymous said...

its ok. he will deal with God in his own ways. meantime, he will continue to preach on the importance of honesty, credibility, fairness and his godly ways.